More information on the FHA Project can be found in

FHA Bulletin of Information, an annual publication outlining developments in the project and related research and bibliography Published between 1975-1987, the Bulletin of Information was published annually by Prof.Hunwick, giving news of the project, other news relevant to the publication of
African historical sources, a bibliography, and some articles containing original
documents (especially in Arabic) with translations and commentaries.

Sudanic Africa (since 2009 Islamic Africa Journal)
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Also in the journal Islamic Africa Journal online

Pawliková-Vilhanová, Viera: The Production of History and Culture in Africa Revisited: Problems, Methods, Sources. Studia Orientalia Monographica Volume 4. Bratislava, Slovak Academic Press 2013. XXXII+ 119 pp. ISBN 978-80-8095-085-9